Resolute Acclaim 0041



The diagram above shows all the original parts for this unit. We are only able to get the parts listed below. If the part you need is not listed below, we are not able to obtain it at this time.


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2. Leg
7. Air Valve/Door Handle
13. 5/16 Gasket
14. Combustion Package
16. Upper Fireback
17. Damper
18. Damper Tab
19. Damper Ramp
29,30,31  Arch Insert Kit 
32. Lower Fireback
37. Wedge
38. Front Grate
39. Rear Grate
47. Glass
59. Griddle
60. Left Quadrant
61. Right Quadrant
62. Griddle Handle Stub
63. Griddle Knob
65. Andiron
Acclaim Gasket Kit
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