Wood Stove Installation DIY

Install a Wood Burning Stove in your Home





Adding a wood burning stove appliance is an energy efficient way to bring a warm and cozy feeling to your home.  Stoves can provide a cozy fire from an inexpensive energy source, making them the perfect choice to help make your home warm and cozy.  

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out and installing a wood burning stove:

 1. Pick a stove or insert that's the right size for your needs. Wood burning appliances come in a range of heating capabilities o you don't want to pick one that is to small or too large.  

 2. When adding a freestanding stove, observe your stove's clearance rating when picking a suitable spot. You will need to provide a non-combustible floor pad that is UL listed and the correct size according to the manufacturer specifications, and placed in the spot where your stove will be. This pad, made of brick, ceramic tile, concrete or another noncombustible substance, should be correctly chosen so that it does not allow heat to transfer to the flooring materials below. 

3. Ensure the stove has the proper shielding to allow the clearance required to protect combustible walls. 

4. Install a chimney or venting and connect it to your stove.  Use the correct classification of chimney.  Follow all manufacturer's recommendations for the installation you are doing.  

 -If you are within our service area, and you have purchased your system from us, you can have us come out and inspect your installation to make sure everything is installed correctly.  There is a service fee for this, and our customer service team will be able to help provide you with any details or help with questions you may have.   

To get started or find out more information for a new installation, feel free to contact our sales team at (203) 426-1230.  We can help you determine how much space a wood stove can heat within your home.