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 Turn your fireplace into a heat source.  A fireplace insert is the most desirable method for improving the heating efficiency of a home.  It blocks the cold air from penetrating the room, and the cavity is then used for circulating the warmth generated from the insert back into the house, making everything warm and cozy.   Fill out the form below to get more information, and scroll beneath it to see all the different choices you have.

Gas Inserts


You don’t have to sacrifice the warmth and glow of a wood-burning fireplace for the ease of gas. No more drafty, dated fireplace with messy maintenance, soot and smoke. Gas fireplace inserts fit inside your existing wood fireplace opening, providing an instant upgrade in both looks and heating efficiency. Warm up to greater performance, safety and convenience.




Pellet Inserts 


Pellet inserts deliver enough warmth to heat most living rooms, great rooms and family rooms. Even better, it’s efficient, self-lighting, thermostatic controlled and easy-to-use.  Click the button below to see all our pellet inserts.              



Wood Inserts 


Wood inserts can transform your wood-burning fireplace into a powerful, highly efficient and clean-burning heat source- even during power outages.  You’ll get more heat from less wood and longer burn times.

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