Defiant Encore 0028 or 2140



The diagram above shows all the original parts for this unit. We are only able to get the parts listed below. If the part you need is not listed below, we are not able to obtain it at this time.


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15. Leg
17. Thermostat Cable
39. Left Deflector
40. Right Deflector
41. Refractory Assembly (Includes Access Panel)
47. Upper Fireback Only
47. Upper Fireback and Damper Assembly
48. Damper Only
49. Damper Tab
50. Torsion Bar Clip
51. Torsion Bar
54. Thermostat Coil and Rod Assembly
Damper Handle - Wooden Part Only
60. Bottom Grate
Thermostat Handle - Wood Knob Only
63. Secondary Air Probe
64. Secondary Air Flap
66. Secondary Air Link
68. Glass (1)
70. Andiron
71. Griddle (No Quadrants)
72. Griddle quadrant (1)
73. Ash Pan Only
74. Ash Pan Cover w/Handle
Griddle Handle Wood Knob Only
76. Ceramic Handle Complete
Catalytic Element 
Black Swan Defiant Encore Gasket Kit 
 Griddle Gasket Only
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