Fireplace Installation Questions

Fireplace Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Over our years of experience, we have found that many homeowners have similar questions.  Below are the answers to the most common questions about fireplaces and fireplace installation.

Common fireplace installation questions

What are the main types of fireplaces?

  • Wood-burning fireplaces. Typically regarded as traditional, wood burning fireplaces allow homeowners to make the best use of natural resources. For this reason, they are often cheaper to operate.
  • Gas fireplaces.  Gas fireplaces provide the ambiance of traditional wood-burning fireplace but tend to be cleaner and more efficient. They supply heat without the hassle and mess of wood.
  • Electric fireplaces.  Electric fireplaces are an attractive solution for customers because they  don't have to have gas lines or venting they don't take up as big a footprint from a construction standpoint.  They also are not large heat generators, so they are great for small spaces or rooms that don't require any additional heat.  

How much will it cost to have a fireplace installed?

Many things can affect the cost of installing a fireplace above and beyond the expense of the model being purchased.  Things such as type of fuel, type of chimney, the length of chimney needed, and structure of the home can all affect the cost of fireplace installation.  The design for how the wall around the fireplace is to be completed is another factor that may come into play. 

How long does it take to install a fireplace?

Like the answer about pricing, many factors are unique to each home that affect the time required to install a fireplace correctly.   Installing a fireplace can be completed as quickly as one day or, depending on the complexity of the project, up to one week. Our technicians do their best to complete jobs as soon as possible, without sacrificing the safety or quality of the workmanship, so your home is back to its cozy state as quickly as possible. 

How do I choose between wood and gas fireplaces?

The right choice depends on your personal preference.  We recommend discussing your needs with a sales team member.  We can make a recommendation with your preferences in mind.  Many customers bring inspiration pictures of their dream fireplace for our sales team to discuss what the steps required would be. 

Can I operate my fireplace during a power outage?

Most gas and wood-burning fireplaces work seamlessly during power outages.  In some cases a battery backup may be used to ignite the gas fireplace. 

Can I install my fireplace myself?

Fireplaces burn fuel inside your home.  When done right, a fireplace is an amazing device that provides warmth and appeals to your home.  When installed incorrectly,  a fireplace can be a severe safety hazard.  Fireplaces should only be installed by licensed, certified professionals.  In addition to safety, the professional installation also ensures that the manufacturer’s warranty remains in effect and that your installation is compliant with the building codes.

How hard it is to replace a fireplace that is already there?

Updating customer’s fireplaces with newer models is something we do very often.  With so many fireplaces that are 15 years and older out there, many customers are finding that they are expensive to maintain and they don’t operate as efficiently as they once did. Replacing an existing fireplace can change the whole look of your hearth and make it safe and efficient.  It’s easier than you think.