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Pellet Fuel Ordering

Pellet Fuel Ordering

Pellet Fuel Ordering

At Black Swan we are committed to helping you heat your home with alternative fuels as economically as possible.  We are anticipating that the pellet supply and demand for this upcoming burn season will be difficult.  We highly encourage you to get your pellet fuel early.  Raw materials and transportation continue to create difficulties for that industry.  

During October, trucking will become one more variable that will cause a slow down on the availability of pellets, so be aware and order sooner rather than later.

  Click below to pre-order your pellets.  Choose November or December delivery. 

We will confirm with you that we have received your order once the form is submitted. 






2019 pricing

Energex    $325 ton

Hamer       $335 ton

LaCrete      $375 (Ton plus ten bags)




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