Pellet Fuel Ordering

 Pellet Fuel Ordering 

We have been in communication with our manufacturers, and the market is predicted to be very volatile.  There is also anticipated to be an increase in demand due to escalating fuel prices.  And there is a trucking shortage due to their increased government regulations.   

We anticipate having Hamer, Energex and LG for you this season.  Every year, for the past five years, obtaining truckloads of pellets in October, November and December has been extremely difficult and customers had to experience very long delays in receiving their orders.   So far, we have had a very steady supply and have been able to manage most incoming requests.

If you did not order your pellets over the summer, we just ask for your patience as we take each customer on a first come, first served basis.  

Just fill out the form which shows current pricing, by clicking on the red "Click to Order" button.  Enter the quantity of pellets that you wish, and the month you wish delivery.  Also, whether you wish home delivery or if you will pick up.    


Click below to order your pellets.  

We will confirm with you that we have received your order once the form is submitted.  

Please be aware that if you are picking up, we will need some advance notice to get the tonnage ready for you.