Intrepid 1990



The diagram above shows all the original parts for this unit. We are only able to get the parts listed below. If the part you need is not listed below, we are not able to obtain it at this time.


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If you do not see your part below, we cannot get it for you. 

5. Damper Clip
6. Damper
7. Damper Housing
8. Throat Hood
9. Weld Screw
10. Upper Fireback 
11. Fireback Clamp
13. Lower Fireback
15. Weld Scew
22. Friction Spring
23. Thermostat Assembly
36. Secondary Probe Assembly
37. Secondary Air Link
38. Grate
40. Secondary Air Flap
47. Refractory Access Panel
49. Andiron
56. Damper Tab
59. Griddle
60. Right Griddle Quadrant
61. Left Griddle Quadrant
64. Bottom
66. Leg
67. Tie Rod
71. Handle Holder
84. Left Glass Panel
86. Right Glass Panel
94. Griddle Handle Assembly
Gasket Kit
Griddle Gasket Only
Catalytic Element
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