Why Add a Gas Fireplace?

 10 Reasons to Add a Gas Fireplace to Your Home

If you’re like one of the many homeowners who desire a fireplace, but your existing home doesn’t have one, don’t despair! Adding a gas fireplace into an existing home can be done quickly and easily, and doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Here are 10 reasons why investing in a fireplace for your home adds value financially, aesthetically and emotionally.


1. Gas fireplaces are easy to enjoy.

No more hauling dirty firewood or dealing with smoke and byproducts every time you want to enjoy a soothing fire. Just flip the switch or tap your remote and let the relaxation begin!

2. Gas fireplaces can reduce your yearly heating costs. 

Heat the area of the home where you spend the most time (often the great room or basement) with a gas fireplace by turning the thermostat down and the fireplace up. This keeps those rooms warm and comfortable and reduces the amount of money spent heating rooms that aren't in use. Gas fireplaces can also help you save on heating costs by providing warmth during unpredictable or “in-between” weather when it’s not cold enough for the central heat, but you still need some warmth.

3. New gas fireplaces are incredibly efficient.

When equipped with an Intellifire ignition system, a gas fireplace will provide an ignition flame only when needed and has a battery backup system that supplies power to spark the ignition flame in the event of a power outage. This means even more energy and cost savings.


4.  Fireplaces add resale value and desirability to a home.

According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, fireplaces can increase the value of the average home by up to 12 percent! And in 2015, a survey found that a fireplace was the no. 1 feature most often mentioned in home listings.

5. Fire provides an inherent calming effect.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been drawn to fire. By adding a gas fireplace, you can bring the soul-soothing, relaxing impact of a fire safely into your home easily.

6. A single fireplace can transform multiple rooms.

A fireplace is all but guaranteed to transform your space dramatically. Heat & Glo offers see-throughpier and corner designs that allow you to impact two rooms at once!


 7. Gas fireplaces are low maintenance.

Along with the charming sights and sounds of a wood fireplace come a few less-pleasant maintenance issues, including creosote build-up and required chimney sweeps.

8. A fireplace is a perfect focal point.

Home designs have been centered around fireplaces for centuries for good reason. No matter if you choose a modern linear shape or a gas insert that fits into an existing traditional masonry setup, a fireplace pulls a room together and sets a cozy ambiance unlike anything other design element.

9. Some gas fireplaces can provide coziness even when they’re not lit.

Some gas fireplaces come equipped with a realistic glowing ember bed and backlighting, which can add visual appeal even when the fire isn’t on. Other modern linear models offer a range of crushed glass ember beds and LED lighting, giving you even more flexibility on the look of your fireplace.


 10. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

Adding a gas fireplace can cost as little as $7,000 installed, resulting in a dramatic transformation to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Adding a fireplace makes your house a home, for so many reasons. 


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