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Intrepid II 1303



The diagram above shows all the original parts for this unit. We are only able to get the parts listed below. If the part you need is not listed below, we are not able to obtain it at this time.


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1. Bottom
Refractory Access Panel Only
7. Lower Fireback
9. Damper
10. Damper Clip
15. Damper Housing
16. 5/16" Fiberglass Gasket
17. Damper Tab
18. Upper Fireback
19. Throat Hood
20. Lower Fireback Clamp
25. Secondary Air Probe Assembly
27. Secondary Air Flap
28. Secondary Air Link
29. Shim Ring
36. Door Hinge Pin
47. Andiron
48. Tie Rods
51. Griddle
52. Quadrant
54. Front Handle Stub w/Shaft
59. Damper Handle Stub
60. Damper Handle Set Screw
62. Glass 1 Piece
75. Tension Spring
77. Thermostat Assembly
 Handle - Ceramic 
95. Leg (1)
Gasket Kit
Catalytic Combustor
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