Warm That Room

Since 1979, Black Swan has been the area's leading solution provider for homes that have cold areas and high heating bills.   

Many customers benefit from using their fireplace opening to accomplish this.  They take a space that is currently bringing cold air into the room and pulling warm air up the chimney, and then they close up the hole, and begin providing controlled heat into the room.

Appliance inserts are attractive and can come in three fuel choices: wood, pellet or gas.

They allow the area to be heated conveniently and efficiently so that the remaining heating bills are offset and thus reduced.  

hng-supreme-i30-370x280.jpg       pellet-insert.jpg  wood-insert.jpg

   gas-button.jpg                            pellet-button.jpg                    wood-button.jpg

Other customers use an area in their home with underutilized space and install either a freestanding appliance or a fireplace.  All that is needed is the square inches on the floor and a way to vent the exhaust out of the room; either out the wall, or through the roof.  

Reduce your heating bills, and add a pretty focal point that heats the living space. 

qdf-exploreri-frost-960x456.jpg             fireplace-pic.jpg

             add-a-stove.jpg                                                   add-a-fireplace1.jpg

 Adding an insert or a fireplace or stove to any room in your home, is a wonderful solution to help reduce your heating bills, and enjoy the heat these products offer.  Black Swan has so many sizes and styles to choose from.  Our installation and remodeling team also specializes in creating the ideal updated look for your home. 

 Take a picture of your room or fireplace, where you are thinking a stove would be wonderful addition to have, and send it to us or come in and show a member of our remodeling staff and we can help to guide you to what steps make the most sense for you. 

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