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Seven Steps To Your Outdoor Oasis

Seven Steps To Your Outdoor Oasis

This season’s hottest new trend in home improvement is the Outdoor Space. 

The outdoor space becomes an extension of the home and becomes its own "room" most of the year.  When it's too hot to cook inside, grilling and smoking outside become fun, tasty options.  Enjoying all that nature has to offer is a soothing way to unwind after the hectic, task oriented day.  With all the choices available, personalizing your Outdoor Oasis is fun and easy.  Below is offered a quick and easy checklist to help you with your new project.

step-1.jpg step-01.jpg

Step 1.  Measure the space you wish to use. This will allow you to know if you have the physical area for the elements you are wishing to incorporate. 



Step 2.  Create a rough scaled diagram on a blank sheet of paper and title the page “Outdoor Space Oasis”.


step-03.jpg step-3.jpg

Step 3.  Imagine yourself utilizing this space... Where would you prefer to gather or cook? Do you want a fireplace or a firepit to keep warm long into the evening hours? What kinds of activities do you need to enjoy the full potential of your oasis?



Step 4.  Put rough placement of these elements on the Outdoor Space diagram.



Step 5.  Check off other list of enhancements you wish on the Outdoor Space checklist. Click here for list >


step-06.jpg step6.jpg

Step 6. Collect ideas and pictures of the particular enhancements you like. Houzz and Pinterest are good places to search for ideas. 


Step 7.  Begin the dream with those first step.  Fill out the form below and send us your sketch to receive an idea of the scope of the budget required to complete your dream for your personal Outdoor Space Oasis. 



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