Quick Decorating Ideas


Decorating and updating the look of your room doesn't have to be complicated.

First choose the small area you want to focus on.  

Choose a large object that will be the focal point of the space.  Mirrors or artwork make great focal points.  

Always include objects to create a few layers.  Put some objects forward of others so that it doesn't appear to linear.  Vary the height of objects, too. 

Finally, add a life element such as greens or florals.   

You can update any space with these quick tips, and can always have fun adding beauty and cheerfulness to your home oasis. 

birds-of-a-feather-mantel-cropped.jpg  bright-and-cheery-raw-product-header.jpg  outside-inside-raw.jpg

       Birds of a Feather                Bright & Cheery       Outside Inside    

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