P43c Pellet Stove

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Product Overview

*Pricing for black finish. Custom colors slightly higher in price. The P43 will burn any grade of pellet at maximum efficiency and still keep your home at your desired temperature. Not only can the P43 burn pellets with optimal efficiency and cleanliness, it does it automatically. The P43 automatically lights its own fire and burns at the correct output to maintain the desired room temperature. When no heat is required, the P43 will shut-down and reignite when the demand for heat returns. Just fill the hopper with pellets and set the desired temperature. The P43 will do the rest except for ash removal, which will be needed after approximately one ton of pellets has been consumed. The Smartest Pellet Stove The P43's huge output is managed by a microprocessor that senses the room temperature and the fire temperature with tiny thermistor probes and then determines the best feed rate. This improved and smarter control also has a diagnostic port for connecting an external display showing live working data for easier installation. The platinum combination is Harman’s Patented Feeder and Burn Pot and ESP Control, which have been developed to their highest state. These features work together to allow amazing heat output with different fuel quality, ash content, and moisture. In other words, it improves performance, efficiency, and conserves fuel. From the quality of the newly designed door handle, to the laser-cut and etched details on the accessories, the P43is in a class all its own. Keeping Safety in Mind The P43 has several safety features that automatically monitor changes in the stove’s temperature and draft. The P43 cannot overheat. The ESP Probe, which controls the exhaust temperature, will shut the feed motor down if the temperature reaches a predetermined high limit temperature in the exhaust. Another safety feature is the pressure switch, which senses a loss of draft (door left open, blocked flue, etc). If this occurs, it will also automatically quit feeding pellets and shut the unit down.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review