Oil Prices and Saving Money

Alternative Heating For Your Home:   Does It Pay Off?

Oil prices are on the rise, but you do have the power to manage your oil heat bill this winter.



When you start to feel the chill in your home, instead of turning up the heat, you can fire up a stove, insert or fireplace and turn those chilly rooms into a warm and cozy space.

stove-collage.jpg gas-insert-colage.jpg fireplace-collage.jpg

A stove can be added to any room in your home.  You can reduce your heating bills, and also enjoy a beautiful focal point in your room.  Stoves come in three choices: wood, pellet or gas. 


If you have a fireplace, an insert is a great solution to reducing those heating bills.  You can update your old fireplace and make it new again while enjoying the heat and comfort that a fireplace insert offers.   Wood, pellet or gas options are also available for inserts.


Whether you have an old fireplace that needs replacing or you don’t have a fireplace and you’ve always wanted one, there are many options.  Fireplaces can make a big difference when keeping your home warm and cozy.  Our in-house team is ready to create the fireplace of your dreams. 



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