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$500 Wood Insert Sale

$500 Wood Insert Sale



Warm and Cozy

There’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying the warmth of your home while watching the mesmerizing, burning flames.   The cozy atmosphere naturally chases the chill from those rooms, and creates a gathering spot for the entire family. 

 But, they can also help your household budget.  Break away from your high energy bills and choose a renewable, natural resource like wood.  A new wood fireplace insert will increase your heating efficiency, by closing off the room air from going up the chimney while flowing heat into your room.  So, you can lower your future heating bills while you will create an updated new look for your room.

Finally, did you know that the new, modern wood stoves are also eco-friendly? Unlike the models used decades ago, these units produce few emissions, and will lower the overall carbon footprint.


For a limited time, you can save $500 on Vermont Casting Wood burning inserts, and save $100 on all other Vermont Casting Units.

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